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[zine]sefikura2020-00-00 00:00 --collaboration with blake planty for sporazine issue 1 
[zine]bugwomb2020-00-00 00:00 --collaboration with blake planty for burning house press: visions 
[zine]trans cult2018-00-00 00:00 --originally published in transcendent transgressions 
[zine]awakening2016-00-00 00:00 --originally published in Redivider 14.1 

[interview]felix interview2021-00-00 00:00 --interview with writer felix o'neill 
[interview]paper mag interview2016-00-00 00:00 --interview with melissa broder for newhive for paper magazine 

[zine]itch.io2021-00-00 00:00--various zines. everything from trip logs to hysterectomy advice